Tips for a Pet fur-free Home with Gleener

Fur babies are the best, am I right? But sometimes cleaning up their fur feels a lot like a never-ending cycle of defluffing and simultaneously managing to still be completely covered in fluff.

Or maybe you’re having a friend over and don’t want to bust out the vacuum. Did you know that we can help? Your home will be fluff-free in a flash, we promise.


FURniture Brush

This one is pretty obvious: the FURniture Brush. This Ultimate Fuzz Remover accessory was made for de-furring upholstery. The electrostatic bristles remove embedded pet fur from all types of home fabrics. It will remove embedded pet fur you didn’t even know you had, even after vacuuming - you’ll be surprised at how much extra fur is left behind. (It’s also easy to clean and way more eco than using half a roll of lint roller sheets. 😉 )

Added bonus: it doubles as a pet grooming brush! Your fur-baby will love the massaging effect of the bristles and you’ll get rid of shedding fur before it makes its way onto your couch. And duvet. And pillow. And carpet…and lap.


Lint Brush

Ever have your pet wake up from a nap and leave an entire animal worth of fur behind? I keep an Ultimate Fuzz Remover in my living room and use the lint brush for cleaning up the police investigation type kitty-body outline my cat leaves behind after a solid day of being a house cat.

The lint brush on the Ultimate Fuzz Remover or Gleener On the Go is the perfect tool for finishing up after using the FURniture Brush. Depending on the FURniture fabric you are brushing, piles of fur may accumulate - just swipe up the fur piles with the lint brush for a beautifully un-furry cushion!


Dryer Dots

So, this isn’t empirical evidence, but as someone who has 2 fluffy cats, I will live by this statement: Dryer Dots get rid of a lot of extra pet fur from my linens. Not only do my sheets and blankets come out super warm and cosy, but also way less furry than LBDD - life before Dryer Dots.

This is especially evident with the amount of fur that is caught in the lint screen after each cycle. True, I have to clean it more often, but I would much prefer cleaning the screen than spending countless measures of time trying to de-fuzz everything to perfection. Plus, cleaning your lint screen is a habit you definitely want to develop.


Happy defurring!