5 Stocking Stuffers for Anyone on your List

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that opening my stocking every AM on December 25th is the best. thing. ever.


Toothbrush? Check. Clementines and walnuts? Double check. Chocolate bar? Sorry, not sharing. (Actually…not sorry.)


Now that my family members are older, we don’t really do a gift exchange the way we did when we were kids, but mom still sneaks in those fattened stockings every year. Mine is usually filled with fabric-related items…obviously…and thankfully no coal. Functional gifts FTW!


You’re going to love this round-up of our 5 fave stocking stuffers - they’ll suit anyone and everyone on your list.


1. Eucalan no-rinse delicate wash. This wash is essential for anyone that wears delicates and undergarments, which is pretty much every gal on your shopping list. The no rinse formula is beloved by fibre artists for how gentle it is on wool. It also comes in some amazing scents (or fragrance free, for those with sensitive skin).


2. Gleener On the Go. I mean, could I really make a list of gift suggestions that didn't include this guy? No, didn’t think so. Taking care of your garments is a cake walk with this 2-in-1 fuzz and lint remover. Pilling, fuzz and pet fur be gone! The hand-held size makes it ideal for keeping in your purse, work desk, and taking on vacay.


3. Toothbrush. This one kind of goes without saying. But I will say that if I didn’t routinely get these during the holidays, there would be multiple occasions where I would be up Dental Hygiene Creek without a toothbrush paddle. #thanksmom


4. Quick Fix Sewing kit. Seriously, sometimes I can’t get over how itty-bitty some sewing kits are! It boggles my mind as to how they get all of the essentials into one tiny tin. You won’t have to struggle getting all of the threads and needles back into a minuscule case with our Quick Fix Sewing Kit. It’s compact enough to pack into a carry on without taking up too much room. And, bonus: it comes with a Gleener On the Go - two birds, one stone.


5. EverBamboo Bamboo deodorizers. Trust me on this one. The mini’s are my go-to. You can put them almost anywhere that needs a little scent help — think, shoe closets, gym bags, kids hockey bags…on your actual kid…


BONUS: Replacement Edges for your Gleener and Gleener On the Go (duh!). If anyone in your life is already a Gleener-ite, they will love you to the moon and back if you add these to their stocking. Or get a set for yourself and sneak them into your own stocking…no judgement, the perfect gift doesn’t always have to be a surprise.




Want your order on or before the 24th? Be sure to place your order by December 10th (midnight) for guaranteed delivery in Canada.


*In the US: order by December 14th for guaranteed delivery.