The closest thing I have to a magic wand

“Maybe it’s because gleaning off pills might just be one go the top twenty most rewarding things ever, but I’m pretty sure [The Ultimate Fuzz Remover is] the closest thing I have to a magic wand.”

Amanda in Minneapolis


OMG, best thing since corn flakes

“Used my Gleener® for the first time today – OMG, best thing since corn flakes. Truly amazing tool. I am going to order for friends for Christmas next year! LOVE IT!!! THANKS for putting it on the market and making my life easier!!!”

Kathy in San Francisco 



I want to say what an AWESOME product the Ultimate Fuzz Remover™ is to use! I own a laundromat with my husband - yesterday I washed some blankets together for a customer - when I pulled them out of the dryer - PILLS!! all over. What was I going to do? Tried a sticky lint roller - no luck! Then it dawned on me that I had the Fuzz Remover at home. So, I brought it to work today and PRESTO - with a little bit of elbow grease and time - I had all the blankets looking brand new.

Bonnie in Croswell, MI


As important as my toothbrush 

"I just want you to know how much simpler and neater you have made my life. I realize it sounds a bit much, but ever since I received a Gleener as a gift (the best gift EVER!), I have yet to leave my house looking shabby or covered in dog hair. Every morning, I look forward to shaving the lint off my favorite sweaters and getting those pesky dog hairs off my pants. Out of all the gadgets and gizmos that we buy, my Gleener is by far the most useful and fun (Yes! Shaving my sweaters is fun!!!) tool I own. I consider it as important as my toothbrush. Thank you for a product that works well, is simple and adaptable. I shall buy many and offer my friends the gift of brand new looking clothing!"

Kathryn in Montreal, QC 



Thanks for giving me my coat back! 

“Prior to learning about Gleener, my favourite Calvin Klein coat was on its way to the garbage, having too much fuzz to actually be worn in public. After using Gleener, not only was all the fuzz removed, but it actually looks brand new and I get to wear it daily again. Thanks for giving me my coat back!”

Valeria in Rome, Italy


A needed tool in every home!

“I love your product! Not only is it a sweater, sweatshirt, upholstery, coat, etc. saver, BUT the ergonomic handle is just simply comfortable allowing a person to really go to town defuzzing everything in sight. The different edges allow me to defuzz all sorts of things that previously felt too fragile to defuzz. Plus the lint brush is superb; it reminds me of one that my mom had growing up with the large velvet head. I cannot thank you enough for developing this amazing tool!!… I have decided this is going to be my gift to others this Christmas; it’s practical, useful, of good quality and (in my opinion) a needed tool in every home! Thank you for creating this product!!”

Jackie in Pittsburgh


Gleener is a knight in shining armour 

"In this day and age, when we are all searching for ways to add value, the Gleener is a knight in shining armour. By renewing and refreshing clothes, it helps our closets look good longer."

Jenn in Vancouver, BC



What a wonderful product you have

“I just had to write to tell you what a wonderful product you have. I received the Gleener yesterday in the mail and immediately tried it on a new sweater I was just about ready to toss. After dry cleaning it for the first time, it was covered in fuzz balls. I tried a number of shavers to remove the fuzz, with absolutely no luck. I used the gleener for less than 5 minutes and the sweater looks almost like new.”

Amy in Minnesota


Old sweater has received a new lease on life 

"You don't think your sweaters are looking shapeless and nubbly until someone points it out to you. It happened to me not too long ago. Fortunately, I got my hands on a Gleener and lo and behold, that old sweater (one of my favorites) has received a new lease on life. Quite frankly, I was shocked at how well it works. Sweater manufacturers beware - the Gleener will no doubt affect your sales!"

Paul in Knowlton, QC