8 Things you Can Put in your Swet Bag

While we’re still trying to perfect the art of multi-tasking, Swet has you covered for everything from days by the pool to dirty laundry. For the last edition of our 8th Birthday celebration, here are 8 things that our Swet Wet/Dry Bag collection can be tasked with.


Bathing suit & swim accessories

After hitting the pool, there’s nothing worse than having a wet swimsuit and towel leaking all over the rest of your stuff. Have no fear, the water-resistant fabric and waterproof zipper that our Swet bags are built with keeps your post-swim routine totally leak-free.


Heels, sneakers, flip-flops, oh my! Whether you’re going to work or travelling abroad, the Medium Swet bags are the perfect size for toting your (possibly dirty, maybe even stinky) shoes no matter where you travel.

Dirty laundry

Not to air any one’s dirty laundry, but we all know that a plastic grocery bag is not sufficient for travel. Let’s all vow to keep those plastic bags for the groceries and use Swet for our dirty socks.

Clean laundry

Ok, ok, no more dirty laundry shaming—because Swet is also fantastic for clean laundry! Personal packing tip: use the Large Swet for clean clothing, and Medium for things like socks and undergarments. This way, everything is organized and easy to find.

Organize luggage

While you’re at it, organize your entire luggage with Swet! One for shoes, one for socks, one for t-shirts, one for books, and one for…

Lotions & potions

Arriving at your destination jet lagged is one thing. Arriving when jet lagged and discovering that your shampoo leaked over everything in your luggage…not the bubble bath you were expecting! Our Swet in Medium is perfect for full- and travel-sized toiletries and the double seams ensure that any leaks stay in the bag, and not all over your stuff.

Project bag

If you’ve followed Gleener at all, you know that we’re partial to a beautiful handknit. Expressing your creativity shouldn’t just be for your hobby—it should also be reflected in the project bag you carry! Swet comes in so many different patterns and colors, you’re sure to find one to match your creative eye.

Our friends at StevenBe said it best, "As Gleener expanded to include Swet bags and tote bags, we've been absolutely wild about everything they've had to offer--from the whimsical to the sophisticated."


Splish splash—uh oh, your tablet is taking a bath! Swet will help protect your electronics from pool-side mishaps. The waterproof lining repels water and will save your valuables from any canon-ball splashes.