8 Reasons to Add Gleener Dryer Dots to your Laundry Routine


We love doing laundry as much as the next person but it's still a chore! Let our Dryer Dots move laundry day a little higher up your list--here are 8 reasons to add them to the routine.

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1. They air your dirty laundry (routine)

Laundry is a resource-intensive proposition. Add detergents and chemical fabric softeners and the plot thickens. Thankfully, there are cleaner, greener alternatives to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners. Meet Gleener Dryer Dots, a natural fabric softener! Made of 100% pure wool (and nothing else), our wool dryer balls gently pamper fabrics on their trip through the dryer, creating loft and softness. They also help to reduce wrinkles; remove items promptly from the dryer and you can skip the iron. 😄

2. They fluff down and duvets

The gentle tumbling motion of Dryer Dots is great for fluffing duvets, down-filled parkas, and other heavy linens. Their constant motion through your dryer prevents heavy, wet fabrics, from balling up and retaining moisture. The result: soft, plump down-filled coziness every time!

"My Dryer Dots by Gleener are the perfect tool for drying my down-filled sleeping bags, jackets and winter coats!  After washing them in the machine, the down sticks together to form hard clumps and the Dryer Dots work their magic during the drying process by breaking apart the masses to restore the down to its ideal loft. There is nothing like the cozy feel of fluffy down!"
- Lisa Di Fruscia of Espace Tricot

You can also add them to "dry" loads of pillows and difficult-to-wash linens. Set the dryer on high heat for at least 15 minutes to kill common allergens like dust mites. The Dryer Dots Wool Dryer Balls will keep the hot air circulating for maximum efficiency.

3. They shave dryer time

Gleener Wool Dryer Balls reduce drying time so you can breeze through laundry day that much faster. Thirsty wool Dryer Dots soak up excess moisture and increase the air circulation in your dryer for quicker dry cycles (and lower electricity bills!).


4. They're hypoallergenic

Gleener Dryer Dots are the ideal fabric softener choice for those living with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. Fragrance-free, chem-free, and hypoallergenic, Gleener Wool Dryer Dots are safe to use for the whole family. Baby clothes, cloth diapers, you name it! 

5. They're fabric-friendly

Gleener Dryer Dots are gentle on all dryer-friendly fabrics. And, unlike chemical softeners, they leave behind no icky residues. This makes them ideal for sweat-wicking fabrics like gym clothes and towels!

6. Did we mention towels?

Liquid softeners and dryer sheets achieve their "softness" results by coating your fabrics with chemical lubricants (hmmm...). Those same lubricants prevent certain items--like towels and sweat-wicking workout clothes--from doing their job. In other words, they block their absorbency. Swap chemical softeners for Dryer Dots and you'll be wicking away moisture in no time.

7. They last over 1,000 loads

Gleener Dryer Dots are durable and reusable. Pop 3-6 into each load and re-use them for over 1,000 loads, the equivalent of 3 years worth of laundry!

8. They're a household favorite

Not only will the laundry do-er in your household love them, but so will the rest of the family. Fido included. 😉 While playing fetch with your Dryer Dots may not top your list of Sunday morning activities, you needn't worry about your pet's health should s/he swipe a Dryer Ball during your folding routine. Happy laundry day!


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