Wardrobe and Fabric Care in the Year of Lagom

Haven’t heard of ‘Lagom’ yet? You’re bound to come across it sooner rather than later on Pinterest and your favourite blogs - it’s the buzzword of 2018. 

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning, “just enough”—just the right amount to make you happy.  

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly common in households and self-care routines, this lifestyle focus is definitely something to take into consideration when you’re searching for a manageable New Year's Resolution (aka: something that you’ll actually want to stick to). 

Lagom is something that you can easily integrate into your current lifestyle without it being a chore or feeling like you’re throwing your wardrobe/housewares out with the bathwater. It’s about being more conscious about what we consume and how much stuff we pack into our daily lives. 

It may already be something that you’re implementing in your life. And it’s something that doesn’t require strict rules or methodical cleansing of your home, wardrobe... 

But when it comes to our wardrobes, many of us might cower in fear of taking a Kondo-level approach to your closet.   

(We tried it. It’s really hard.)  

So, what can you do to easily bring Lagom into your wardrobe?  

We think the classic 3 R’s are a great way to bring Lagom into your closet. 


Reduce - aka: Does it fit and/or do I still like it? 

This one is a pretty standard question we ask ourselves while tenaciously standing in front of our closets with that sudden urge to cleanse...  

Does it fit, and if it does, do you still like it? If the answer is a ‘no’, toss it into the donation pile.  

Some things you may need to keep—yay, school uniforms and high-level meeting attire.  

I know, I know, not what you wanted to hear, but sometimes a slice of closet real-estate needs to be sacrificed. 


Relove - aka: Gleener to the rescue 

We’ve all been there: 

A favourite sweater that kept you warm, cosy, and confident throughout the winter now looks like it’s been through an apocalypse.

Did you over-love it? No way, there’s no such thing.

But you don’t have to relegate it your Sunday cleaning outfit, either. 

Gleener’s fabric-safe Edges take every fabric into consideration so you can re-love every last stitch of that sweater. Believe me, we’re big believers in wearing your favourite sweater until it starts to unravel. That’s why we have favourites, amirite? 


Recycle - aka: Donate 

Donating clothing to a second-hand shop is the best way to recycle old clothing. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—I’ve found some of my favourite pieces at a thrift shop. I still ask myself how someone could not have loved that peach Lacoste tennis dress every time I put it on. 

As someone who really loves having many wardrobe options, I’ve also amassed a decent purse and tote collection. So if you’re anything like me, while going through your wardrobe, also go through that storage bin of purses. Instead of using a plastic garbage or recycling bag to transport your donations, use an old purse. Not only are you reducing your collection (and using less plastic), you’re also ‘recycling’ a purse or tote! 2 outta 3 ain't bad. 

See? Lagom = super easy. 


BONUS Something to consider: can this garment magically become something else that you need?  

Maybe you like the print but not the cut of a dress...why get rid of it if you can turn it into a skirt? 

Is that summer tee full of moth holes? Turn it into a rag - paper towel is so out. 

Or maybe that old sweater can become a new pillowcase 


Living with Lagom on the brain is going to be the best resolution of the year.