Travel like the Stars with Gleener On the Go - Golden Globes Announcement

Ah, awards season – how happy we are to see you! 

Now, as a fabric care company and the lovers of a good pilly sweater, we know the glitz and sparkle of the red carpet doesn’t offer us much opportunity to gleen...

But, we all know that celebs are people, too.

Aka: favourite sweatpants and cosy sweaters are a staple in their wardrobes (even if they have a fancier brand name on the tag – more on that here).  

But, even the fanciest of people need a Gleener! I know I know, we keep saying that – but maybe now you'll believe us. 

Our most favourite travel companion, the Gleener On the Go, was selected to be part of the 2018 Golden Globes Men's gift bags – and we literally could not be happier. Now Hollywood's most glamourous dudes will always look their best, even in their 'jams. 

I mean, not the Gleener On the Go needed any help in the awards department, but we wouldn't turn down any of the nominees as some extra arm candy. ;)  

Check out all of the awesome swag that Gleener gets to stand up with, and please excuse us while we re-watch and give our own standing O's to all of the amazing speeches from last night's show.


Photo: © Sarah Korsun