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Gleener's Christmas Sweater on The Ellen Show


We are very, very merry here at Gleener HQ!

Yesterday on The Ellen Show, Twitch wore our Ellen “ugly” Christmas Sweater that we had specially made for Ellen.

We sent Ellen a hand-knit sweater of her face and included sweaters for her dogs, and a lovely elf hat for Portia de Rossi.  Twitch and Ellen did a great shout out to us Gleener Girls, we are so honored and excited that we had to share this with you.

In case you missed yesterday's episode of Ellen DeGeneres, here are some highlights that we think you'll enjoy. We love Ellen, so we can't begin to tell you how good it feels to turn the tables and make her laugh for once! 

A big thanks to the ladies at Espace Tricot for your help on this project!


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